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‘Local’ Links

Edinburgh has a wealth of excellent amateur and professional photographers. Perhaps its something to do with the beauty of the city, but whatever the reason here are some of my favourites.

A few excellent local photographers to check out are:


iso200 – Urban and Architectural Photography

iso200 is the website of Dave Fitch, a photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dave is a real talent and has found a niche where he is capable of competing with some of the pros in my opinion. He is also a great resource for links to other photography. Have a look here. 


Scott Liddell Photography

Scott is another Edinburgh based amateur. I particularly like his wildlife shots as well as his shots of Edinburgh. In a way Scott, who also happens to be a good friend, is responsible for my addiction of photography. So I really should give him a mention.

Check out his work here 



Grant Ritchie – photos of Edinburgh

I’ve known Grants work for a number of years now, and he constantly produces highly technical and wonderfully composed shots of Edinburgh.

Check out his excellent work here.



Barrie Spence – ‘The man’ when it comes to portraits.

I am a big fan of Barrie. Alright, he’s a pro, but I’ve been aware of his work before he set up his studio and have always been a fan. I didn’t intend to mention professional photographers, but credit is due. I simply love his use of lighting, and his portfolio is stunning. I am sure he would love you to have a browse of his work, and you never know, you may want him to do some of his magic on you.

See his work here.



Rich Dyson – Man of many talents.

One Edinburgh photographer who seems to shine across many subjects is Rich Dyson. Technically excellent and with an extremely creative eye, check out his work below.

Please check out his work on his web site here..