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Which one?

Posted on October 29, 2012

It is a Monday morning, and I still have a rubbish cold. Feeling sorry for myself, I am avoiding work. In doing so, I have headed to my favourite coffee shop, and I am currently sitting down browsing the interwebby for some new photography. Not only have I found the most amazing home grown talent in a chap called Peter Ribbeck I have got to thinking, which is surely a dangerous thing on a Monday morning. Anyway, I have a thought. It’s not a new one, but one I want to share. On second thoughts, it is probably not a thought as a question. Oh, I suppose it could be both. Oh, who gives a shit. Here it is.

What is the best way to show your portfolio?

As with most things there are options and I am beginning to think I need to rationalise the amount of places I display my own work.

I started off quite a few years back uploading my photography to a site called ipernity. Most folks have not heard of it, but it seemed a good enough place, and the feedback was good. But there was the problem, it was always too luvvy. Nobody was critical enough.
That faded away and I do not use it anymore.

The next one I tried was Morguefile. A great site that I still use. I should use this one more. On top of Morguefile, or should I say beside it, is my own web site that is solely dedicated to my photography work and likes. Morguefile is good if you like sharing your work and allowing others to freely use it at no expense. I like this concept as I am not a professional and do not want to dilute my love of photography with a greed to earn money from it. My own web site is my choice selection of my own favourites as well as some photoblogs and links to others work.

There is then a further complication in that I use one more site. 500px is another site that allows you to upload a limited amount before joining. I like it, as I believe the general standard of photography in here attracts some great photographers. Not sure how my meagre attempts sneak in though.

It’s all a bit confusing isn’t it.

I don’t use Flickr, but many many do, and some of the work in here is outstanding. The problem I have with Flickr is that it is diluted with so much rubbish.

I may just be changing my mind though as the more I look at it, the more I see some benefits.

Maybe it’s time to rationalise and choose one. Which one though. My favourite at the moment is Morguefile, although I may join 500px. I may however go all radical and go to Flickr.
So, what is your favourite, and why?


  1. There are a couple of Flickr groups that will criticise savagely, but otherwise (if you get any feedback at all) it’s just luvvie central and people using Firefox to auto-comment. I’m not convinced that there is anywhere online that will give you decent feedback.

  2. Now I think about it, twitter is not too bad for a few reasonable critiques from those ‘trusted’ friends.

  3. I’m in a similar quandary. I’m doing the photo-a-day thing, which is usually the best photo I’ve taken that day. I’m also doing the bulk-ish upload to Flickr. I’ll put the best 20-or-so from a session on there. But a portfolio? I’m not sure. I’m thinking of putting together a photography-only site for me under a different brand. Or rebranding/moving my blog, then using my core site to host a portfolio. Probably based on a WP theme.

    I took a free membership on 500px, and I would say that a lot of the images posted there are more “digital art” than photography. It’s not for me. A lot of the work there is fantastic. But it’s too much in the post and not enough in the camera for my liking.

    • I suppose another key factor is what do are actually looking for. If it is maximum exposure then perhaps Flickr is best, however, you may get more satisfaction from displaying them in a format you can control, i.e your own web site.

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